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Understanding the Importance of organizing and saving "Closeout" information; why is this information important to my company?

Delivery of Closeout documents is the final phase of the Construction process. This information protects the company's assets by preserving important decisions, warranties, certificates and reports made during the construction process. In the event of determining accountabilty or even in use for litigation the information is critical. As maintenance issues arise and as the need to remodel emerges, having timely access to information saves time and costs.

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What does DR offer through Amazon Web Services?

We offer the Closeout Assistant, a web-based solution to upload, track, store, view and retrieve your post-construction documents. Through our contractual arrangement with Amazon Web Services we create an online project portfolios for your organization to meet your unique needs. (back to top)

Does DR support its services?

We are a small professional organization using advanced information management technology. For over 10 years we have provided digital closeout services to leading developers, contractors and retailers. Our reputation rests on the hands-on client support and on our ability to work effectively with others. Our system enhances your firm's efforts and reputation.

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What is included in the Closeout Record?

Typically project closeouts include record, as-built and shop drawing sets; building and related permits, certificates of occupancy; contact lists; general contractor/subcontractor warranties; Punchlist; jobsite correspondence; onsite photos; third party certifications, reports and tests.

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Moving your information to AWS

Using the internet all parties involved in the Closeout process upload PDF files directly from their locations into the AWS project folder. The customized Closeout files portfolio are protected, quickly accessible and easily distributed to others through the internet.

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What are the advantages of the Closeout Assistant

The advantages are improved accessibility, security and organization. Your organization can track. view/download information faster to make quicker decisions. As your company builds more properties, the volumes of hardcopy closeout manuals or CDs soar; the demand for viewing the information increases. When you retain closeout records in-house they are easily lost or misplaced. Using DR's application your closeout information is stored safely and permanently in AWS off-site data centers. You access your password protected closeout portfolios through the internet anytime, from anywhere.

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What is the cost of DR's service?

Usually the general contractor absorbs the cost of our services. Traditionally, general contractors provide closeout information as part of his contractural obligations to the owner or tenant. But to the general contractor there is a labor/material cost associated with copying, organizing and distributing to the various parties multiple copies of each drawing set and 3-ring binders. The cost of shifting from hardcopy to digital is not significantly more; the cost of producing a digital closeout record is comparable to the cost of producing and distributing multiple hardcopies.

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Why Outscource; can we do this inhouse?

With DR's web-based application, there is no software to purchase. to install or to maintain. Tech support is minimal. There is no need to invest needed capital to develop and maintain dedicated in-house storage space on your network. We provide a low-cost, secure repository for your Closeouts. Our service is ideal for storing the required data that is necessary and required.

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