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Understanding AWS (Amazon Web Services)

This is cloud computing. It is not a new technology but rather a new method of delivering applications. Digital Reliance's application, The Closeout Assistant, runs on your internet browser. There is no desktop software to be installed. There are no licenses or seat fees.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives Digital Reliance access to Amazon’s own back-end technology infrastructure. AWS’s cloud service makes it possible for DR to utilize the experience and scale of a major internet player,, but without incurring the expensive price tag to build and maintain a reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure.

Taking advantage of AWS knowledge and experience, DR built a browser-based business application on the AWS Platform to manage the closeout document process . DR's service is an cost-effective solution to the multi-faceted Closeout process.

Real estate and construction organizations have complex information management needs; the unstructured information, such as drawings, reports, photos and warranties come from many sources in many formats. DR's innovative approach shifts the Closeout process from the local contractor's office-based operation that involves hardcopy manuals, drawings, CDs and email attachments to the internet where the Closeout Docs are uploaded to AWS, tracked, managed, viewed and distributed. At all times the information is secure and accessible in AWS's data centers through a simple web-browser.

DR’s web-based application reduces the costs involved in the Closeout process; it is more efficient and safer than storing the information in paper form, on CDs or on local servers. Now is the time to move your Closeouts to the Cloud.

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